The Sub Port (Tampa, FL)

Over the course of the past 30 years there has been one definitive submarine sandwich shop in Tampa…The Subport.

Tampa Bay's Ultimate Sub Shop the Northwest Tampa and Carrollwood Legend...The Sub Port

Sub Port Giant New Jersey Subs
Address: 14294 N Dale Mabry Hwy  Tampa, FL 33618
Phone: (813) 962-5958

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Easily the single best sub sandwich shop I’ve found anywhere in the United States, Tampa’s tried and true “Sub Port” has over the course of the last (3) decades become a community icon and a culinary institution the virtues of which are lamented the nation over. To the un-initiated, behind the simple facade and entryway pictured above a delectable smorgasbord of sandwich born delights awaits.

It’s nothing fancy with it’s hodge-podge nautical theme and assorted antique memorabilia, but this is the sort of locally owned eatery that gives credence to the simple things in life being some of the most rewarding. The menu is neither long, or complicated (See picture below) and the selections are direct and to the point…order by number or suffer the gruff looks of disdain from restaurant owner and operator Alex.

This is not Subway, this is not Jersey Mike’s, this is the Sub Port; home of the 18″ massive torpedo submarine sandwich, a sort of gargantuan freshly sliced and expertly crafted carbohydrate enriched culinary indulgence unequaled from coast to coast. The #5 is the top seller here, a sandwich aptly referred to as “The Super Sub” and comprised of fresh Capacola, cheese, Proscutini, boiled ham, lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar and nothing more. (Mayo is optional and in my case preferred but be warned Alex will be inclined to tell you that in his opinion the mayo ruins the sandwich.) Salads are also available, derived of course from the numbered sandwiches and on occasion fresh specialties such as slow cooked wings, soups and even ice-cream in the summers.

Best Subs Ever? Pretty Much…

The Menu At Tampa's Sub Port Home of the Giant New Jersey Subs (1920x1200)