2003 Acura NSX-GT2

With a successful Formula One program already in progress, Honda opted not to race the NSX initially.

Since the beginning of the NSX's production, the car has been used as a safety car at the Suzuka Circuit. (1920x1200)

When the factory decided to commence the NSX race program they commissioned the renowned chassis constructor John Thompson of `Thompson Composites’ to build the race chassis’ (in both GT1 and GT2 form) from a mixture of state of the art Carbon-fibre and aluminium. This car, GT2 chassis number 1 was prepared by the ultra-successful Kremer brothers and raced in the German GT Championship in 1994 where it took 5 pole positions, took three wins and finished 2nd overall in the championship standings. It also competed at Le Mans in 1994 when it was piloted by Armin Hahne and former Le Mans victors Christophe Bouchot and Bertrand Gachot and after a steady run it was placed 14th overall and 5th in the GT2 class. It was then entered into the 1995 Le Mans event by seasoned Japanese campaigner Kunimitsu Takahashi and was the only GT2 NSX entered alongside two turbocharged GT1 NSXs. Despite starting the race late and 6 laps down the Japanese trio of Keiichi Tsuchiya, Akira Iida and entrant Kunimitsu Takahashi drove an inspired race to erode the deficit and took GT2 class honours and 8th position overall ahead of the Corvettes and the usual gaggle of Porsches.

After the race, the car was put on display in a Honda showroom and it remained there until 2000. With the financial backing of Honda Germany it was then decided to run the car in German endurance events.

Since the beginning of the NSX’s production, the car has been used as a safety car at the Suzuka Circuit, even for the Japanese Grand Prix in its early years of production, and is still used at the circuit. The car is also used for the same role at Twin Ring Motegi, the other circuit owned by Honda.