The Famous House of Pies (Los Angeles)

A nostalgic and tasty foray into the Los Angeles of years gone by, visiting the renowned House of Pies Restaurant and Bakery in the trendily vintage Griffith Park/Los Feliz neighborhood should be a requisite stop for any business-traveler, tourist or local alike.

You just can't help but love the nostalgically retro signage for House of Pies, a design cue carried over in every aspect of the iconic Los Angeles eatery.

This past November we decided to follow-up the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas with a few days of sight-seeing, dining and R&R in the pop-culture capital of America; southern California. Our post trade-show travels would lead us every where from Dana Point in the south all the way up to Santa Barbara in the north and seemingly everywhere in the greater Los Angeles area in-between… Whilst exploring that in-between on one particularly chilly November night we not only found our way up to the world famous Griffith Park observatory but also to the renowned vintage eatery which lies just at it’s foot, the House of Pies Restaurant and Bakery.


Inspiringly and authentically vintage the House of Pies fits in perfectly with it's surrounding and nearby Los Feliz shops like Katy Perry favorite PopKiller.


Established in 1969 this family owned and operated diner has changed little in the four decades since it’s opening. Happily serving locals and tourists alike for some 42 years, this landmark eatery has become a part of the local culture and folklore, reaching a historical mile-marker of sorts in it’s four decades of operation which purely attests to the quality of service, food and and convenience. Core attributes not to be taken lightly, because after all these three simple tenets of good service have afforded the peculiar pie shop a level of staying power rarely found in today’s modern disposable culture. The House of Pies has become more than just a 24-hour diner or bakery, it’s become a social gathering point and an icon for a neighborhood steeped in local history and panache.


Using an old school no-nonsense approach to making hamburgers, while not fancy these burgers are tasty and bountiful...perfectly complimented by perfectly salted fries.


Suffice to say, The House of Pies is a must-see for any Los Angeles history buff, tourist, business-traveler or pie enthusiast. A vintage rotating glass display greets you at the door, proffering a well-rounded selection of tantalizing pies and other delectable bakery good. A tatty antiquated interior, complete with chrome and naive wall hangings, easily spurs on nostalgia, giving the clean and surprisingly spacious dining room an ambiance befitting of a classic American movie. The main fare here is straightforward, no-nonsense comfort/diner food. While you won’t find foie gras on the menu, what you will find are hefty portions of caloric-carbohydrate guilt-inspiring goodness like fried chicken, burgers and thick-stacked sandwiches. Pace yourself though, this isn’t a race so much as a marathon and at that finish line is a multitude of fresh, delicious home-made pies. Because while the food is no-nonsense good, the pies are after all the name of the game here. Touted by many as irresistible, no visit to The House of Pies if complete without trying at least one slice of the Cherry, key lime, chocolate mouse or strawberry pies.


The star of the show here, the Strawberry Pie was nothing short of excellent and effortlessly tasted as good as it looked...curiously not often the case with strawberry deserts. Why is that?


Well reviewed and well reccomended by both myself and my three dining companions, we enjoyed everything The House of Pies had to offer. Impressed by it’s nostalgic charms, we found the restaurant and staff to be accommodating, pleasant and at the utmost convenient…because where else could four Floridian tourists find a quality meal, excellent desserts and good company in Los Angeles sometime around midnight on a Saturday?

The House of Pies Restaurant and Bakery

1869 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Neighborhood: Griffith Park/Los Feliz

Mon-Fri: 6:30am-2am
Sat-Sun: 7am-2am

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