The New Albanian Brewing Co. (Louisville, KY)

While taking a recent road-trip through the rolling bluegrass  hills of Kentucky we had the good fortune of stopping one evening for pizza and local beer in one of Louisville’s best known microbreweries and pizza parlors, to be more precise however this particular eatery is really in New Albany…Indiana.

Fresh, Hot and local pizza paired with micro-brew beer...what more can the weary traveler ask for?

Because unbeknownst to Floridians such as ourselves many of Louisville’s suburbs and to some extent industry actually lie just across Ohio river in Indiana, making this part of Kentucky an interesting cross-pollination and confluence of the people, culture and culinary influences of both Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio culture.

Arriving at the New Albanian Brewing Company after dark having previously read reviews of it earlier in the afternoon we were at once more than a little surprised to see that it was actually situated in a strip-mall of sorts… Not a detractor so much as a surprise, having visited many such micro-brew-eateries all across the nation they’ve typically been hidden away in trendy reclaimed urban real-estate such as converted warehouses or factories not easily accessible suburban strip malls. Surprising and handy we were more than thankful for the ample and convenient parking on this cold February night. Upon walking inside the New Albanian we were greeted by a warm, friendly, helpful and very informative staff who made us feel right at home and at ease from a long day of travel. Dark but not dank, there is a British pub like quality here that is appreciated in lieu of some more trendy approaches we’ve seen taken as of late. The decor was authentic, fitting and un-ostentatiously complimentary of the ample lineup of house-brewed and regional micro-brew beers available on tap.


Breadsticks and Beer-sauce...New Albanian's appetizer of champions!


After reading over the massive chalk boards festooned to the walls of the Pub like pizza parlor I opted to try a house brewed Tafel Witbier which was of course accompanied by an appetizer composed of fresh pizza bread-sticks with cheese dipping sauces. Perfectly complimentary of each other the beer was fresh and flavorful, described by the brewing experts at the New Albanian Brewing Company as ” Tafel Bier is Flemish for “table beer,” which filled those earthenware pitchers in the Brueghel paintings, and is a flavorful, session-strength accompaniment to almost any cuisine.” The bread-sticks were excellent, perfectly and lightly browned on the outside and soft and warm in the center. The accompanying Beer-sauce and Nacho cheese dipping sauces were zesty and original with the former being our favorite, imbibing an almost soft-pretzel like quality to the bread-sticks. Following our bier and break-sticks it was of course time to move on to the  pizza, an excellent blend of perfectly cooked and seasoned dough in conjunction with a mild yet zesty tomato based sauce with fresh and flavorful meats and vegetables. Everything here was cooked to perfection, nothing was burnt or overly crispy and the moderately thin pizza crust retained a unique compromise between the attributes normally associated with thicker deep-dish style pizzas and thinner, crispy pizzas… simultaneously. To be frank, the pizza here was uniquely excellent, the sort of meal not easily categorized, quantified or qualified but greatly original and universally enjoyed.


Handcrafted with only fresh cheeses, meats and vegetables you can't help but like the New Albanian's approach on pizza.


Well reviewed and well reccomended to anyone finding themselves in the Lousiville, Kentucky area, we greatly enjoyed the fresh food and beers offered by the friendly and accommodating folks at the New Albanian Brewing Company.


New Albanian Brewing Company
Pizzeria & Public House

3312 Plaza Drive
New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 944-2577

Mon-Sat: 11am-Midnight
Closed on Sundays

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