BGR – The Burger Joint (Tampa Bay)

The burger has once again become trendy… and with that trend has come the inevitable barrage of new burger oriented restaurants both here in Tampa Bay and elsewhere across the nation and beyond. We’ve eaten at…more than a few and let us just say that you will be hard pressed to find one better than right here in Tampa at Carrollwood’s BGR – The Burger Joint.

It's a simple formula really, fresh quality ingredients cooked to order and prepared with attention to detail...a formula BGR has perfected and uses to consistently deliver some of the best burgers in the Tampa Bay area.

A midst a growing sea of local contenders that encompass a broad spectrum of dining styles, BGR has managed to establish itself as the antithesis to the ostentatious. A go-to burger joint that finds beauty and elegance in being simple and to the point. Simplicity and style which have afforded BGR a successful formula that lends itself to the creation of some of the best and most superbly crafted, fresh and high quality thick-burgers, sides and shakes available in all of Tampa Bay. Featuring a menu that is well developed but not over wrought, BGR offers something for nearly everyone and and ever palate without sacrificing it’s focus on originality and above all else, quality.


BGR's suburban Tampa Carrollwood location at 12913 N. Dale Mabry Highway.


Located in what was once the Mission Bell shopping center on North Dale Mabry Highway in suburban Carrollwood, BGR is afforded good company with the likes of Pei Wei, Jimmy Johns, Chipotle and others. Neither high-concept or hole-in-the-wall chic, BGR embraces the middle ground offering it’s diners a simple dining room well appointed with 80’s pop-culture music iconography and centered around an open-kitchen concept that delivers food hot and fresh to a pickup counter. Neither high-brow or low-brow, the delivery and ambiance here matches the food and serves the diner with what we can only described as the epitome of modern Americana.

The food as mentioned previously is prepared to order using only high quality ingredients a fact which becomes very prevalent in terms of both taste and texture once it arrives to your table. We’ve really got to hand it to the folks here, the burgers are thick, juicy and legitimately cooked to order. In other words when you tell them person at the counter taking your order you want a medium rare burger…that’s what you actually get. It sounds like a small thing, but if we only had a dollar for every time we’ve ordered a burger medium or medium rare only to receive one well done… The house sauce here is called “Mojo” and it is our personal recommendation that you give it a try. It’s zesty without being cloyingly hot or bothering, acting as the perfect accouterments to both the burger and any sides or condiments you may opt for. A testament to the quality of the meat and ingredients this is one of the few places were you could just eat the burger and the bun and not feel deprived. The sides are equally as good, offering fresh cooked french fries that are both thick but not too thick and excellent when dusted with garlic and rosemary. The onion rings are massive but not overly burdened by sticky, oily batter…as good as we’ve found anywhere. Not a personal favorite but equally popular with other diners are the asparagus fries well worth a try if you find yourself so inclined. Lastly we have the shakes, simple hand-spun and always changing each month…because on a hot summer Florida day what goes better with a thick-juicy burger than a thick hand-spun milkshake? Of note make sure to try the Girl Scout Thin Mint shake, it’s only available during the time of year Girl Scouts are slinging their cookies at the local Publix and totally worth the wait.


Burgers, Onion Rings and Hand-Spun Shakes...American staples and also staples of BGR - The Burger Joint.


All in all BGR is highly recommended for any of our readers in Tampa Bay and beyond. Also available in the following markets; San Diego, Mobile, West Hartford, Miami, Atlanta, Coral Gables, Bethesda, Potomac, Washington D.C., Yonkers, Mount Kisco, Clemson, Memphis, Alexandria, Arlingon and Tysons Corner.

BGR – The Burger Joint

12913 N. Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 962-4050

Sun-Thurs: 11am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm

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