The Heavenly Biscuit (Fort Myers Beach, FL)

Tucked Away In A Quit Corner of Beach Side Fort Myers Resides the Most Heavenly Biscuits

Who would have ever thought that tucked away in a quiet corner of touristy Fort Myers Beach we would discover one of the best breakfast biscuits and cinnamon rolls we’ve ever had? Clearly not us, but what an awesomely delectable surprise foody discovery!

A locally owned and operated cafe enjoyed by Floridians and tourists alike, no trip to South West Florida should be complete with out at least one gulf-side breakfast sojourn to Fort Myers’s Heavenly Biscuit.

Recently we had the good fortune to take a short weekend getaway vacation to the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa in Bonita Springs, Florida. An amazing all-inclusive luxury resort facility in it’s own right we were of course still compelled to get out and explore the local community and surrounding areas. So before setting out to do so, we of course sat down with a laptop and did some quick research on what locally owned and operated eateries were in the area. To our surprise one name kept showing up, over and over and over again; the Heavenly Biscuit in nearby Fort Myers Beach…

So, having read nothing but overwhelmingly positive reviews from locals and tourists alike, our minds were easily made up that we must clearly investigate this local culinary curiosity before heading home. Finding the Heavenly Biscuit was a bit difficult, even with the GPS though at no fault to the restaurant. The place is just simply that small and well camouflaged by the larger surrounding buildings. Though easily one of the smallest eateries we’ve ever encountered the Heavenly Biscuit makes amazing use of what space and real-estate it does have. It’s close quarters but then that is clearly part of the little cafe’s immense beach-side charm.

The outside of the cafe is quaint and time worn though not dirty or shabby; a countenance that by modern Florida beach community standards it’s down right warm, inviting and even homey. There is not much room inside but there is enough that a few tables worth of people can easily escape the hot, humid and often rainy Floridian weather. So while inside seating is limited there is in fact ample seating accommodations available outside both under the down-home old-Florida style front porch and at several picnic tables scattered around the tiny eateries property. Parking is free though if you are not lucky enough to snag one of the front spots it is entirely street-side. There are a few areas along the road where parking is not allowed so be mindful of the signs and you should have no time finding a convenient spot.

The staff here is pleasant, though when busy they can be put to the test in terms of keeping up with everyone’s orders. Allot of the Heavenly Biscuits’s business is take-out so at any given time the little cafe is easily producing food for two to three times the visible volume…a feat made all the more impressive by just how small the location and kitchen really is. It’s first come, first serve here…so place your order inside and then sit down, relax a bit and prepare for the terrific carbohydrate goodness that will soon be yours.


A heavenly breakfast at the Heavenly Biscuit in gulf-side Fort Myers Beach Florida


The food here is the real star of the show; simple southern comfort foods, well prepared, well executed and served hot and fresh to order. A breakfast place by all accounts the Heavenly Biscuit also serves “lunch”, or “brunch” however you may be inclined to look at it. On this occasion we opted to sample a wide variety of the breakfast biscuit offerings…all of which were nothing short of excellent. The biscuits here are just the right balance of soft, firm, salty and buttery; key elements perfectly enhanced by whatever array of fresh toppings or ingredients you elect to incorporate. Of particular note, the sausage, bacon and fluffy scrambled eggs were exceptionally great. Then came the Cinnamon roll…cinnamon-sugary glazed perfection. The stuff of legend really, the cinnamon rolls here are large and served hot with ample glazing. Biscuit like in texture and to some extent taste, the Heavenly Biscuit’s take on these is in perfect continuity with everything else they serve, espousing the mantra that  if it’s not broke…don’t fix it.

A locally owned and operated cafe enjoyed by Floridians and tourists alike, no trip to South West Florida should be complete with out at least one gulf-side breakfast sojourn to Fort Myers’s Heavenly Biscuit.


The Heavenly Biscuit

110 Mango Street
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
(239) 463-7600
Tues-Sun: 7:30am-2pm
Mon: 8am-12pm

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