BMW Concept Touring Coupe Envisions A Z4 Shooting Brake

Revealed by the automaker on Friday, the concept imagines what a shooting brake based on the latest Z4 convertible might be like if moved into production. The concept gives the most sophisticated look to a modern Z4 coupe ever seen; it replaces the hatchback with a sloping liftback design that gives the concept the most sophisticated overall design. The look evokes the BMW M Coupe of 1997-2002, affectionately called the [...]

Hyundai’s Retro-Cool N Vision 74 Edges Closer To Production

Hyundai could soon leap back into the sports car wars, and rumors were rampant this week that the N Vision 74 concept could soon debut in production trim. If that happens, Hyundai would join a segment where Chevy and Dodge are retrenching, and Ford, Nissan, and Toyota ride their existing horses as long as possible. Given that, it feels like a smart play for Hyundai to take a calculated risk [...]

2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Exudes Racetrack Swagger

The 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS is clear in its intentions, it is uncompromisingly designed for maximum performance. The 518 hp road-legal high-performance sports car takes full advantage of technology and concepts from motorsport. Even beyond the high-revving naturally aspirated engine with racing DNA and intelligent lightweight construction, it is, above all, the cooling and aerodynamic systems of the 911 GT3 RS that connect it most directly with its motorsport [...]

What Defines A Sports Car?

How do you define a sports car? In purely technical terms it might be defined as a car designed with an emphasis on dynamic performance, such as handling, acceleration, top speed, the thrill of driving, and racing capability. Without any specific minimum requirements; both a Triumph Spitfire and Ferrari 488 Pista could both be considered sports cars, despite vastly different levels of performance. Broader definitions of sports cars include cars [...]

Most Expensive 300ZX Ever?

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It is no secret that a 90’s nostalgia-fueled wave of collector optimism, fueled by the Xenial coming of middle age has created a lucrative new niche for serious car collectors, but this 1994 Nissan 300ZX’s auction end was nothing short of mind-boggling. The five-speed manual twin-turbo T-top Z32 sold Monday for $135,000 on Bring a Trailer. That’s almost double the previous “most expensive: 300ZX on the site, ostensibly making this [...]

Most Popular Car Colors Today?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever wondered what the most popular car colors are? Perhaps, not surprisingly the answer is white and black. Americans and for that matter, all automobile driving denizens of the world seem to prefer […]

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Speaking of Ken Block…

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ford fans around the world enjoy the fun and practicality of late-model pony cars, but nothing compares to Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang specs. In fact, every Ford Mustang for sale would love to be a […]

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Most Powerful Civic Ever?

Reading Time: 4 minutes We praised the Type R for its excellent handling and gutsy 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Type R badge after it was first seen on the NSX Type R […]

January 2022

The Volkswagen Failure That Saved Porsche

Reading Time: 12 minutes The 924 was originally a joint project of Volkswagen and Porsche created by the Vertriebsgesellschaft (VG), the joint sales and marketing company founded by Porsche and VW to market and sell sports cars (Ludvigsen: Porsche, […]

BMW’s Iconic Lamborghini Inspired M1 Production Racer

In the late 1970s, Italian automobile manufacturer Lamborghini entered into an agreement with BMW to build a production racing car in sufficient quantity for homologation, but conflicts arose that prompted BMW to produce the car themselves as the motorsport division of BMW headed by Jochen Neerpasch had been wanting to compete in motorsports using a car developed for competition racing in order to compete with arch-rival Porsche in Group-5 racing, [...]

Chevrolet’s V-12 Powered C4 Corvette Built To Defang A Viper

Powered by a massive 8.0-liter V-10, the Dodge Viper brought new meaning to domestic dominance and seriously outperformed its contemporaries, in particular the long-in-the-tooth Chevrolet Corvette C4. Unsure of the path forward, General Motors decided that one solution might be to drop an even bigger V-12 power plant into its existing C4 platform, allowing Corvette to one-up Dodge ina a displacement war. First spotted by Road & Track, this video [...]

Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s one of the most famous cars of all time, a 1960s icon that defined the decade and remains just as popular today, nearly 60 years after its arrival…but what is it that makes the […]


Ferrari 328 GTB/GTS (Type F106)

Reading Time: 6 minutes The 308 and 328 are considered a family of Ferrari road cars as they share similar (but not identical) body designs and appearances, chassis, and engine designs. The 328 model was a revised and updated […]


Triumph TR6 Roadster

Reading Time: 4 minutes This 1974 Triumph TR6 was built in August 1974 and is finished in white over Shadow Blue vinyl upholstery. The car is powered by a 2.5-liter inline-six paired with a four-speed manual transmission, and additional […]


On Track At Road Atlanta

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta is a 2.54-mile (4.088 km) road course located just north of Braselton, Georgia, United States. The facility is utilized for a wide variety of events, including professional and amateur sports […]