Ella’s American Folk Art Cafe – Tampa Bay Metro

Ella's Folk Art Cafe
"Henry the Loaf" on Ella's Dinner Menu

Having visited Ella’s I have to say that I am impressed with what the owner operators have been able to accomplish with this repurposed Seminole Heights warehouse, it really is an intriguing venue with a distinctive yet inviting bohemian ambiance.

5119 North Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603-2365
(813) 234-1000

The menu is eclectic at times and seemingly down-home at other times…sort of a theme that’s reiterated throughout all aspects of this restaurant. There in lies the rub, it still needs a little refinement to truly recognize it’s potential. A little less bohemian or a little more…not sure which direction would benefit it best but I think a good example of an eatery that has struck this balance nearly flawlessly is Datz in Palmaceia..That being said, the food is good and prepared with style. Of particular note, I would reccomend the meatloaf, it’s a little upscale but rich in flavor and texture. The sweet potato fries are also very good and worth a sampling.