Mayfel’s – Asheville, NC
Mayfel's in down town Asheville, NC

Having been turned away at the door of Tupelo Honey, we were immediately welcomed at the eatery right next door; Mayfel’s. A happy accident or chance circumstance that proved to be a very rewarding dining experience.

22 College St
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-8840

Our experience at Mayfel’s started with the extremely polite and friendly gentleman at the door who informed us that the wait could be 25mins or more but they would be glad to have us if we had the time to wait…we did. The staff here was busy, and clearly working hard to handle the patrons as quickly and expediently as possible but not at the cost of sacrificing service, there was an overwhelming warmth of friendliness that just radiated through the people and decor of the dining room. The ambiance was warm, a mix of hippie, yuppie, urban and alpine all rolled up nicely into a scheme that worked for the place, as quirky as it was homey it struck an odd balance that just hit all the right notes. The food was top notch, we opted for their breakfast offerings (served all day) and were not disappointed in either taste or portion. The grits had salt and butter in them, the sausage was cooked perfectly and the biscuits were fluffy, warm and buttery. Mayfel’s also offers a wide variety of local southern/North Carolina micro-brews to which I took advantage of a “Weeping Willow Wit Beer” from the North Carolina based Mother Earth Brewing Company. Lastly, Mayfel’s also offers a wide assortment of homemade desserts and pastries that change daily, well worth checking out if you have the appetite after one of their super filling meals. Mayfel’s is well recommended and a place we will definitely continue to visit on all future trips to the Asheville area.