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Breakfast for Dinner in SoHo's Daily Eats

The other evening I had the opportunity to finally try out South Howard’s greatly lauded “Daily Eats” and see just what all the buzz was about; truth be told it’s simply about excellent and always available breakfast food.

901 S Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606
(813) 868-3335

Filling the shoes of the “Old Meeting House” in requisite style and ambiance, “Daily Eats” is a well put together homage to the classic casual diners of yester-Tampa but with an updated and distinctively modern feel.The place has a mood about it, and it’s fun. Whether this mood is something being radiated from the personable and knowledgeable wait staff, the friendly ownership or perhaps the residual energy any dining venue of this many decades-old lineage inherently carries with it, whatever it may or may not be it just works. Daily Eats. is appointed in what might be considered hippie-chic, giving off a eco-enviro and healthy vibe while also pulling off all the notes needed simultaneously fit in and stand out in SoHo. Then there is the food…finally a place that carries breakfast morning, noon and night that you would actually want to eat at morning, noon or night. The food here is fresh, the ingredients familiar and ingenious and the preparation is perfect. On this evening I opted to try one of their classic breakfast sandwiches while my wife went with one of their breakfast bowls; decisions we both respectively enjoyed and gladly consumed. My sandwich consisted of bacon eggs, multigrain bread and cheddar cheese all cooked perfectly and then melted together on the lightly toasted and pressed bread and garnished with fresh sweet-potato fries drizzled in a light maple syrup; c’est magnifique. I also opted for a pancake as an additional side, an excellent decision given just how delectable and fluffy the organic multigrain pancake turned out to be; perfectly cake like sufficiently resistant to the maple syrup. MY wife’s breakfast bowl was equally awesome; a huge offering which contained a bed of cheddar cheese covered tater-tots topped with a mix of scrambled eggs and bacon. Amazingly, nothing got soggy! All things considered an excellent addition to the SoHo repertoire and a new restaurant we are sure to return to again and again. Well recommended.