Model Monday with Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder - Hottie of the Week July 18th, 2011

Age: 27

Profession: Model / Television

Nationality: British

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Why: Successful UK Model

Where: Magazines, TV

RF Scale: 75%




Lucy Pinder was spotted by a freelance photographer on a Bournemouth beach in the summer of 2003 and has since gone on to become the most successful UK glamour model of the decade. She has more covers and Page 3 appearances in the Daily Star than any other model. She has been voted FHM’s Sexiest Model of the Year, Daily Star’s Favourite Page 3 Girl Of All Time, 23rd in Askmen’s 99 Most Desirable Women 2009 and Nuts’ Number One Babe every year since its launch in 2005.

Lucy’s success has been meteoric and sustained thanks to a loyal global fan base. She has appeared on over 50 covers of Nuts magazine, selling more than 15 million copies, and over 200 covers of the Daily Star, reaching an audience of 300 million. She has also had one of the UK’s top selling calendars for the past five years.

Lucy has appeared on Hotel Babylon (BBC1), The Real Hustle (BBC3), Bo Selecta (Channel Four), Soccer AM (Sky), The Weakest Link (BBC1) and Dream Team (Sky One). She has presented for music channel TMF and for Nuts TV and appeared on the Channel Four show, Celebrity Big Brother.

Lucy has also worked with a number of respected High Street brands, including Ultimo, Walker’s, Lynx, Yellow Pages, PlayStation, National Rail and Pot Noodle.

Lucy continues to grace the cover of magazines in both Britain and abroad and remains one of the most professional and sought after models in the UK.

When asked about future career plans she replied,
“I love my job and hope to continue modelling for a while yet. I do have tv and film aspirations but I am realistic, and it’s very difficult to plan ahead in this business, so for now I take each opportunity that comes and will continue to take up job offers that interest me and I will simply see where it takes me.”

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