Artist of the Week: Slow Club

Something a little different this week; the UK band Slow Club. Comprised of Sheffield, England natives Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor this uniquely mellow and decidedly understated band
possesses a whimsically haunting harmony that belies their alternative folk oriented sound and pays homage so many great folk artists who have come before.

UK Dynamic Alternative Folk Duo - Slow Club

Slow Club was formed in 2006 following the break-up of the popular Sheffield band The Lonely Hearts and has gained international recognition through airplay in both American and UK television well as having become known for their use of unusual objects as percussion instruments such as glass bottles and chairs.

2008 Holiday Single – Christmas TV


Having released (2) early singles in 2007, Slow Club and Me and You on the indie label Moshi Moshi records Slow Club was quick to receive critical acclaim but found commercial success elusive. On September 1st, 2008 the band released their first EP, Let’s Fall Back In Love which again received overwhelmingly positive critical review but suffered in terms of marketability and album sales. Then in December 2008 an innocuous Christmas single was released; Christmas TV which would later go on to be featured in American media and television providing the Sheffield duo with the perfect exposure for their unique and intimate alternative  folk sound.

Various songs by the band have been used in commercials: When I Go was used by Ritz Crackers in Canada in 2008, Thinking, Drinking, Sinking, Feeling was used in a USA Lay’s Potato Chip commercial in February 2009 and Vodafone Australia’s Make The Most Of Now, a 2009 advertising campaign, used Let’s Fall Back In Love.

On April 27th 2009, Christmas TV was used in the season 2 finale of NBC’s Chuck. In 2010, their song “Apples and Pairs” was used by Macleans toothpaste in its sponsorship of the ITV1 show Dancing on Ice and again prominently at the end of the United States of Tara episode Tornado. On January 17th, 2011 When I Go from the band’s 1st album Yeah So was also prominently featured in the 4th season episode of NBC’s Chuck; Chuck Versus the Balcony.

2009 Album “Yeah, So” – When I Go