Photo of the Day – 08.09.11

As a technology showpiece for the new Genesis Coupe, Hyundai commissioned Rhys Millen Racing, known the world over for their multiple drift and Pike’s Peak Hill Climb victories, to shape the V6 Genesis Coupe into a 550 horsepower, turbocharged drift-ready beast…

Rhys Millen Racing's Amazing 550+hp Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The Rhys Mllen Racing Genesis Coupe Drift Car, co-sponsored by Red Bull, is no mere set of bolt-ons for the Genesis, rather a completely reengineered race car set to compete in the Formula Drift Professional Drifting Championship, the Hill Climb, and Redline Time Attack series events.

Stripped down to chassis, the Rhys Millen Genesis Coupe is rebuilt entirely in carbon fiber body panels while retaining its tuner car lines, and gaining a huge rear spoiler and some fancy aerodynamic hardware.

The motor gets bored and stroked out to 4.1 liters, gaining a Turbonetics turbocharging system for its stellar 550 hp output with 525 lb-ft. of torque and mated to an HKS sequential manual transmission.