Photo of the Day – 1990 Mazda FC RX-7 Turbo

Long before the beautiful and curvaceous FD was designed, Mazda set about redefining the image of the RX-7 through the crisp, fluid and comfortably functional FC RX-7.

The Crisp Angular Lines of the FC RX-7 Pay Homage To the 1980's Japanese Rivalries (Click to Enlarge)

The Series 5 (1989–1992) featured updated styling and better engine management, as well as lighter rotors and a higher compression ratio, 9.7:1 for the naturally aspirated model, and 9.0:1 for the turbo model. The naturally aspirated Series 5 FC made 160hp, while the Series 5 Turbo made 200hp.


Vintage Top Gear UK Compares the FC RX-7 with the Porsche 924S