Photo of the Day – Ferrari 599 GTO

On April 8th, 2010 Ferrari announced production of a road-going version of the ferocious 599xx; the Ferrari 599 GTO…and so Ferrari’s fastest road car was born.

The 2010 Ferarri 599 GTO Stands As A Testament To New Design and Production (Click to Enlarge)

The 599 GTO was so quick in fact that it was able to lap the Fiorano test circuit in 1:24, a full second faster than the Ferrari Enzo. It’s engine produces 661hp@8250rpm with 460lb-ft of torque! Ferrari claims the 599 GTO can reach 60mph in under 3.3 seconds with a top speed of 208mph. Weighing in at 3,500lbs, the GTO weighs a full 220lbs less than it’s GTB sibling. A pinnacle of production speed, the GTO has been limited to a short run of only 599 cars.

The 599 GTO Doing What It Does Best!