Video of the Week: Building the 458 Italia’s Engine

Sure the entire video is in Italian…but then that’s half the fun of watching a Ferarri video now isn’t it? (and of course there are subtitles) This week’s video of the week offers a one of a kind look at the build process behind the Ferarri 458 Italia’s amazing 4.5L (270 cubic inch) V8, which produces 570hp, and red-lines at 9,000rpms!  A masterwork of mechanical balance and industrial beauty its hard not to admire the craftsmanship employed in making the engine for what is arguably the most elegant and beautifully refined Ferarri in a generation. Goda di!


The Ferrari 458 Italia's 4.5L V8 produced 570hp with a mind boggling 9,000rpm red-line.


Arguably the most elegant and beautifully refined Ferrari in a generation.