Z1 Motorsport’s Widebody Z32 300ZX TwinTurbo

In continuing with our convertible theme of the week today we showcase Z1 Motorsport’s custom widebody 300ZX Twin-Turbo convertible.

A Fan Favorite For the Better Part of A Decade Russell Floyd's Custom Widebody Z32 Is Nothing Short of Intimidating. (1920x1200)

A monster of a Z32, the Z1 widebody convertible has been a community and fan favorite for the better part of a decade. Designed, built and tested by Z1 Motorsports this 300ZX sports dual-intakes, 850cc injectors and a whole host of ground-up modifications that make this car is capable of pushing 36psi of boost with 880+ horse-power add in a 275 shot of direct port nitrous and that numbers goes up to 1200+ horsepower…