Sexy CTS-V Coupe featuring Gisele

This week’s video(s) of the week are a series of 2 videos put together by the folks over at High Tech Corvettes featuring succesfull internet camera girl Gisele and the insanely fast Cadilac CTS-V coupe…

Succesfull Internet Model and Cam-Girl "Got Gisele" Enjoys Her Thrill Ride In An Insanely Fast CTS-V Coupe

This week’s video(s) pander to a simple concept that seems to be gaining traction around the internet; hire a pretty, well endowed and provocatively dressed model, strap her into the passenger seat of a ridiculously fast sportscar (making sure not to obscure her upper body from the camera),  press record, drive aggressively, repeat and enjoy and the resulting footage. Simple, perhaps misogynistic and completely entertaining.






Those of you left wondering who exactly the buxom model featured in these videos is: Gisele’s Twitter