Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know

Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know is looking like this year’s Pumped Up Kicks, a haunting song that creeps up on its audience and then, suddenly, appears everywhere.

Gotye says his U.S. debut 'Making Mirrors' features plenty of "peculiar twists." Speaking of, we swore at first listen that it was Katy Perry singing with Gotye...but it's actually New Zealand Singer/Songwriter Kimbra.

Gotye — aka Belgian-Australian musician Wally De Backer — knows that such a massive international hit could overshadow anything else he does. “Maybe it’s going to have some aspect of a one-hit wonder to a lot of people — cursory music listeners or people who have never heard what I’ve done in the last seven or eight years. And probably rightly so,” says De Backer, 31, whose nom de plume is pronounced “Gaw-tee-ay,” a phonetic variant of the French translation of his given name, Walter.



After topping the charts in Australia and several other countries, Somebody That I Used to Know is now hitting U.S. radio. It’s No. 2 on USA TODAY’s adult-alternative airplay chart and No. 3 on alternative radio while making inroads in top 40, hot adult contemporary and rock formats.




Making Mirrors is Gotye’s third album but serves as his U.S. debut. It sold 41,000 digital copies before its “official” CD release Jan. 31. Listeners who venture further into the music than Somebody That I Used to Know‘s conspicuous melodic hooks will be amply rewarded. While track I Feel Better recalls vintage Motown, much of Making Mirrors takes a more experimental, though still accessible, tack. “There are moments that use very conventional pop structures, that very consciously play out like studies or homages to genres from decades ago,” says De Backer. “But I think hiding amongst that are some more peculiar twists.”