Karmin’s “Crash Your Party”

“The Little Band with a Big Sound” – Karmin is Boston’s premier acoustic pop sound.  Armed with two voices, a guitar, and a wooden box; Nick and Amy put on a dynamic show – full of catchy pop tunes, feel-good ballads, and rock/hip-hop inspired concoctions!

With over 169 million views on their Youtube channel, Karmin's major-label record debut "Hello" is set to be released in April, 2012 on Epic Records

The duo, comprised of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, got their start as a viral sensation by covering Chris Brown’s ‘Look at Me Now,’ helping them them to secure a recording contract with Epic. After surreptitiously leaking onto the internet ahead of schedule, the quirky couple went ahead and officially released their debut single ‘Crash Your Party’ on iTunes and Amazon in January.




The song has been widely labled as  “hip-pop,” meshing elements of classic pop with the street sensibilities of hip-hop. Heidemann’s delivery here is disturbingly catchy and utterly addictive. She switches tempos and tones throughout, rapping, singing and showing off infinite yet still cute “swagger.”

The track samples Black Sheep’s ’90s rap classic ‘The Choice is Yours’ a handful of times, anchoring the song’s overall fluffy pop vibe with little bit of street heft, all the while lending some groove. We love when Heidemann sings, in an auto-tuned voice, “Who do you think you are / You can kiss my Oh My God!” It’s completely silly, but damn if it’s not memorable and amusing…because sometimes we need music to just make us laugh.

Heidemann’s rap parts remind us of a greatly improved Kesha; better overall delivery, dreamy, femme and in tune…really more akin to the pre-pop Gwen Stefani. She’s not the most technically proficient singer, but she sounds so pleasant among the beats that if you’re not tapping your toes by the first minute in, then you should probably check for a pulse.

Amy Heidemann graduated from Seward High School in Nebraska along with her younger brother Eric Heidemann. Nick Noonan graduated from Old Town High School in Maine, where he was a member of the concert band and jazz ensemble. Amy and Nick met at Berklee College of Music and released their first album, Inside Out, in May 2010.

The duo gained popularity after being discussed on reddit, and their video for “Look at Me Now” was posted on Ryan Seacrest’s blog. The group later thanked reddit by giving the reddit alien mascot a prominent place in their video for their cover of “6 Foot 7 Foot”. There was significant anticipation and speculation concerning Karmin signing with a record label. On June 2, 2011, the group announced that they had been signed by a major record label. Reports indicated, with confirmation from an industry insider, that the group had signed with Epic Records as part of L.A. Reid’s return to the company. On their official website they asked their fans about what they wanted to hear on their album, and about 50% said they would like to have rapping. On February 11, 2012, Karmin was paired with host Zooey Deschanel as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, performing two original tunes from their album which is scheduled for release later in 2012.