Factory Five Racing Mk3 Cobra

The charter was simple and clear;  build the world’s best roadster without exception…

As Lee Iacoca used to say, “if you can find a better car, buy it”. You won’t find a better vintage roadster replica anywhere. (1920x1200)

Engine Specs
Crane cam Hi-6 Ingnition Control Crane Cams 1000-1600  Distributor
Arp Bolts Pro Form 650CFM Street Carb with mechanical secondary
Total Seal Piston Rings Chromemoly Pushrods
Eddlebrock Air Gap Intake Manifold Crane Roller Rockers VP Roller pivot bearings
Keith Black Hypereutectic pistons AFR Heads
Wet Nitrous System Installed but not charged
Other Spec.s
WC T5 Manual Transmission
Ford 8.8 rear end with 3.55 Gears Possi 4 wheel manual disk brakes 13″ front, 10.5″ rear
3 Link fully adjustable rear suspension Tubular upper and lower control arms
coil over shocks on all four corners