Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe

Factory Five calls their Type 65 Coupe a “fire breathing monster vintage race car,” and the car definitely looks, acts and feels the part.

The Type 65 Coupe is a faithful reproduction of the world famous 1965 World Championship Coupes that dominated the world's racetracks in the late 1960's. (1920x1200)

 The car definitely looks the part. From every angle, it looks like a no nonsense racecar. In fact, the side pipes, bulging fenders and sparse interior confirm that this is a serious car. It is not for the timid or those looking for comfort. It is for those that want to make a very specific statement and that statement is – “I own the road.”

Like The Factory Five Mk3 roadster kit, the Coupe kit can be built two ways. The base kit is “donor Mustang capable” and costs about $15,000, or you can buy the complete kit that gives you just about every nut and bolt you’ll need to build the car less the engine, transmission, wheels and paint. The complete kit costs about $22,000.

Car and Driver Magazine tested a FFR Coupe in November 2000. They were impressed, “The phrase eye-ball sucking performance is a tired, overused metaphor, but it should have been saved for the FFR Coupe. Galloping to 60 mph takes only 3.6 seconds. Bye Bye Porsche 911 Turbo! The quarter mile passes in only 11.9 seconds at 119 mph, faster than a Viper GTS!…”