Heirloom Market BBQ (Atlanta, GA)

There is perhaps no experience so quintessentially southern by nature than the enjoyment of expert prepared and quality barbecue.

Pulled Pork, Ribs, Baked Beans, Collard Greens, Home Made Pickles and Garlic Toasted Bun...BBQ excellence.

Expertly crafted and finely honed, the staff at Heirloom Market BBQ pay homage to the classic style and culture of southern BBQ while simultaneously invigorating it with an upscale down-home and international taste. A delicate balance of classic southern wood fired smokiness with rich, tangy and sweet sauces balanced by the infusion of divergent Korean tastes and textures. The result chefs Jiyeon Lee and Cody Taylor’s inspired culinary works is clearly some of the finest barbecue to be had in all the south.

Chefs Jiyeon Lee and Cody Taylor in their Heirloom Market BBQ dining room.

The location is small…and when I say small, I truly mean small but don’t let that be offsetting or deter you from eating here because once inside you will find one of the most organized and efficient casual dining operations I’ve ever encountered. Every inch of space here is accounted for and well thought out,  with a little creative finagling you should be easily accommodated in the dining area unless visiting at the very peak of work-day business lunches. The Heirloom Market is a foodie oasis tucked away in the midst of a forest of mid-rise office complexes and apartment homes. Conjoined with a convenience store, it’s not exactly the stereotypical image of  high-caliber, high-concept BBQ…or is it? Either way it’s amazing.

Small, Efficient, Hospitable and Inviting all describe the Heirloom Market BBQ restaurant.

The staff here is superbly friendly and inviting, taking care of their guests with expedience and courtesy even on the busiest of days. They do their best to make sure the ebs and flow of dining denizens are fed quickly and comfortably while making room for the next guests with as little turn-time as humanly possible. Even in-spite of it being a cold February day when we visited, resulting in the additional outdoor seating being impractical or uncomfortable the folks at Heirloom Market made it work. Something which in true southern form included the courtesy our fellow patrons who were all equally courteous and socially aware of the etiquette involved in sharing such close dining quarters.

Then there is the food…wow. Adjectives like rich, smoky, vibrant and unique just begin to scratch the surface of defining the caliber of BBQ being turned out by the folks in the kitchen here. A balance of traditional southern fare and more international Korean tastes the food is always interesting and differs just enough from the other BBQ eateries in the area to make Heirloom Market a divergent delicacy worthy of your visit. Offering a variety of takes on pork, beef and chicken all of which can be combined with sauces that range from sweet to savory and from vinegary to hot there is truly something here for every taste. (Ok, not completely Vegans are out of luck here.) The sides are prepared with equal delicacy and offer a fresh take on local grown accouterments to each BBQ entree. Of particular note, the potato salad and baked beans were extremely enjoyable having offered a slightly different take on each that was at once warmly familiar but also interestingly different.

Well worth your visit, Heirloom Market BBQ is a must stop for anyone who finds themselves passing through Atlanta and should be a new local favorite for Atlanta metro residents.


Heirloom Market BBQ

2243 Akers Mill Road Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 612-2502

Tues-Thurs: 11am-8pm
Fri 11am-9pm
Sat 12-9pm
Sunday and Monday Closed

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