1962 TVR Grantura Series II Racer

It’s “Throwback Friday” around here and in honor of the day we’ve decided to highlight a vintage TVR racer doing exactly what it did best; racing.

Featuring a 1600CC MGA engine the Series II Grantura was capable of 0-60 mph in 12 seconds with a top speed of 98.4mph...not impressive by modern standards though what is impressive is that the car was able to achieve this while averaging an impressive 27.3mpg fuel economy. Click to Enlarge - 1920x1200

The TVR Grantura is the first model in a long line of TVR cars and debuted in 1958. The cars went through a series of developments leading to the I to IV and 1800S models. The last ones were made in 1967.

These coupés were hand-built at the TVR factory in Blackpool, England with varying mechanical specifications and could be had in kit form. All cars featured a cocktail of Austin-Healey brakes, VW Beetle or Triumph suspension parts andBMC rear axles.

The Grantura bodyshell was made from glass-reinforced plastic and made use of a variety of proprietary components. The bonnet was front hinged. There was no opening at the rear but the boot could be accessed from inside the car – the spare wheel had to be removed through the front doors. Buyers could choose from a range of powerplants which included a choice of side or overhead valve engines from Ford, a Coventry Climax unit or the MGA B-series engine.

The Series II had MGA engines as standard but again customers could choose from a variety of power units. The IIA used the 1,622 cc MGA or Ford 1,340 cc engine and front disc brakes were standard. Rack and pinion steering was standardised.

A car with a 1600 cc MGA engine was tested by the British magazine The Motor in 1961. It had a top speed of 98.4 mph and could accelerate from zero to 60 mph in twelve seconds. Fuel consumption of 27.3 mpg was recorded. The test car cost a whopping £1,298 including taxes.

TVR Grantura MkIIa