Tracking the Ferrari 599XX

Ferrari announced at the 2010 Beijing International Auto Show that the 599XX had completed the Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring in a time of 6 minutes and 58.16 seconds – the second fastest time ever recorded for a production-derived sports car.


If ever there has existed a meaner, sleeker, dragon slayer of a GT racer, well, neither Ecclestone, Mosley, Lauren, nor Leno has clapped eyes on the thing. Click to Enlarge - 1280x782

The 599XX is a car designed for track use only and is not street legal, based on 599 GTB. The rev limiter is raised to 9000 rpm, with the engine rated for 720 hp at 9000 rpm. Weight is reduced by cutting the weight of the engine unit components, and use of composites and carbon-fiber body parts, carbon-fiber brake pads. A new gearbox shift strategy is introduced to cut overall gear change time to 60 ms. Aerodynamics were retuned to give more needed down-force.

The 6.0-liter V-12 makes 720 horsepower and 506 pound-feet of torque, besting the 599GTB’s output by 108 prancing horses and 58 pound-feet. Click to Enlarge - 1280x756