2010 Nowack Motors Mini Cooper S

This week while the world’s attention is still on the Olympic Games in London,  we’re focusing our attention on another British icon; the no-nonsense and completely fun Mini Cooper.

The main target of NOWACK MOTORS when engineering their new tuning packages for the mini Cooper S was to develop smooth, linear power delivery that significantly enhanced both power and torque for maximum driving pleasure. ________        Click to Enlarge  – 1920×1200

Based on the Mini Cooper S, NOWACK MOTORS created their latest tuning packages, the N210, N230 and N260.

The N210 offers a maximum power of 210hp via an indidividually re-programed ECU and a free flow air filter, and the N230 offers a maximum power of 230hp via an individually remapped ECU, a high performance stainless steel sport exhaust system and a free flow air filter.

NOWACK’s top-of-the-range creation called the N260 transforms the Cooper S into a small but seriously fast sportscar aiming at those with a desire for even more.

The conversion includes exclusive high performance sport camshafts, down-pipe, a completely flow-optimized cylinderhead, a high performance stainless steel sport exhaust system, an optimized Intercooling system, an optimized air-intake and an individually re-programmed ECU.