Tampa’s Merchandise Releases Their Children of Desire

It’s been over a year in the making, but the Tampa-based band Merchandise’s latest album Children of Desire has grown into the logical and organic auditory extension of their previous Strange Songs LP that we’ve all been waiting for…

In April, Tampa, Florida’s resident “post-punk” heroes unleashed their Children of Desire, a gnarled, neck-breaking effort in which the pop sensibility of the Smiths and Cure make nice with shoegaze textures and experimental krautrock expanses.

Merchandise – Time


So, while Children of Desire doesn’t exactly start where Strange Songs left off, it does build on everything previously established by the talented band and shows growth, growth that not only feels but sounds organic in nature and proves to be of great benefit to the vibrant sophomore album. Children of Desire is first and foremost a pop album, and any listener would do well to keep that in mind. “Time” opens the album with a deep throated, bouncy guitar line and typical smashing post-punk drum fills. Vocalist Carson Cox croons to a lover, singing “we’re still young baby, but we’re getting old…I know your body and I miss it like your voice” and we’re off to the races. His vocals are front and center this time around, unlike past Merchandise releases, and the gambit pays off successfully as his fantastic diction fills the soul of the album.

“Become What You Are” pushes the envelope even farther, sounding something like an amalgamation of late-career Smiths and The Cure, with maybe a little of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks sprinkled on top, particularly as the song devolves from a straightforward rock track with Ian Curtis-approved pop sensibilities into a cacophonous swirl of electronics and keyboards. This song is one of two on the album that pushes past the ten minute mark, previously uncharted territory for Merchandise. The other is closer “Roser Park” which brings the album full circle, recycling the still fresh riff from “Time” into a vast soundscape of lethal cunning and perceptible delicacy. It really brings Children of Desiretogether in such an impressive configuration, proving that Merchandise can and will continue to live up to the lofty expectations placed upon them.

Merchandise – Satelite

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Merchandise – Satelite

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