2013 SRT Viper Coupe To Be Priced from $99,390.00

The 2013 SRT Viper coupe goes on sale later this year, and right on schedule, Chrysler’s go-fast brand has released pricing info for the new sports car.

Viper body engineers were able to achieve the provocative body shapes and effectively reduce mass with the use of lightweight materials including composites and super-formed aluminum. The roof, hood and hatch are constructed of high strength carbon fiber while the entire door structure and panels are lightweight aluminum. (By weight, the Viper body is 44% carbon fiber, 27% aluminum, and 22% composites.)

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As befits the Viper’s newfound refinement, its price has gone up substantially since it was last offered for 2010. The Viper is available in two flavors: base and GTS. The base car now starts at $99,390, while the fancier GTS model bottoms out at a hefty $122,390. (Fuel-economy data for the Viper is not yet available, so both prices lack any potential gas guzzler tax surcharge.) In 2010, the base Viper coupe cost $93,635 and the hard-core, track-ready Viper ACR commanded $108,185. Compared to its contemporary competition, the 640-hp Viper probably is most closely matched to the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; that car splits the Viper’s base prices with a $113,575 sticker.

Regardless of what you compare the new Viper to, the extra money is very much worth every penny. The sports car is still very raw—you can still scald your calf on the door sill thanks to the hot side-exit exhaust piping—but the interior is no longer rental-grade, the handling doesn’t try as hard to kill you as it used to, and the overall feel is more mature. Oh, and the car looks rather handsome, too.

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