’72 Datsun BRE Replica with ’10 NISMO BRE Tribute Car

Yesterday we kicked off Z Con 2012 with a piece that focused solely on the original 1970’s era #46 John Morton Datsun BRE racer, today we flash forward to 2010 with a Nissan sponsored shoot at Road Atlanta that brought together the most faithful reproduction of Morton’s iconic BRE racer in the world today with a modern NISMO 370Z tribute car.

Before the famous 510 days, Peter Brock and company were already campaigning Datsun S2000 Roadsters in SCCA club racing, then with a little help from Datsun’s West Coast President Yutaka Katayama BRE hit the track with the sleek all new 240Z…and great success followed.

The BRE Tribute car is a Nissan 370Z built by Stillen essentially to the SCCA’s T2 class rules. As such, it’s not overly tweaked. It has a gutted interior and a cage, plus race seats and belts. Under the hood of the S30 is an original BRE-built L24 2.4-liter, a sohc inline-6 purchased from a vintage racer who was upgrading his Z to a larger engine. The gearbox is also from Nissan Comp, an early 5-speed overdrive unit (with “medium-close” ratios) that sends power to an R190 limited-slip differential with 4.44:1 gearing.