Paper Planes Made Best By Beautiful Small Machines

Beautiful Small Machines recently released a cover of MIA‘s smash hit “Paper Planes”, turning it from a pop/hip-hop mashup into an incredibly well done indie song…

And then there was banjo…prior to completing their long-overdue follow-up EP, BSM released this heavily lauded, critically praised and banjo-laden cover of MIA’s “Paper Planes.” The result of which has been an organic ground-swell of viral out-reach, that has allowed a new audience to discover the music and style of this New York City based twang-folk duo.


The new take on the song is more simplistic, trading synth beats and samples for guitar leads and organic drums, breathing life into a track that I thought had lost some of its original “coolness” due to its being overplayed. Thankfully, rather than slowly shaking my head and shunning “too soon” to the band, I was able to embrace this rework with open arms and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Though, I’ll admit, I do kind of miss the cash register sample during the “all I want to do is… and take your money” parts.


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