Nissan’s 1st GTR Inspired Production Juke-R Goes Home

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were all following Nissan’s development and production of their first GTR inspired Juke prototype with bated breath and awe. How would they manage to translate the design and performance of the definitively Japanese super-car into the very European styled Juke cross-over? How well would the smallish SUV actually perform in anything but a straight line? Would this be something that people would actually be interested in owning?

A unique success for Nissan, the first production model Juke-R finds it’s way to it’s new home this week.

And in good order our questions were answered and any worries put to rest; the resulting Juke-R was something of mechanical and performance wonder. Now as we close out 2012 Nissan’s first production model of the Juke-R is off to it’s new home and one lucky owner will be unable to wipe that performance induced grin off of their face for months…

So where does Nissan go from here? Why on to production model 002 of course!

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