The Formula 1 USGP Model Monday Photo of the Day

What an amazing weekend in Austin, Texas for the inaugural Circuit of the Americas USGP. Attendance was off the charts, carrying more than 66,000 attendees for just one of the earlier practices… So where to start this week off as we look back, recap and hopefully share some amazing photos, videos and experiences from this amazing race weekend? Why with the USGP race girls of course.

The USGP Race Girls take a moment to blow the media and attendees a kiss at the busy 2012 Formula 1 USGP held at Austin, Texas’s recently completed and state of the art Circuit of the Americas race facility.

There were certainly some beautiful girls at this years race, all of which did well as ambassadors to the United States at this our first formal foray back into international Motorsports   Though in retrospect, as a publication with just a little experience with models and spokes-models under our belt our one suggestion for next year? Less “Texas” themed outfits and perhaps something more representative of America as a whole. The South-West theme with the tassels and cowboy boots seemed a bit cliched given the world-stage this event is part of. Just our opinion, we could be wrong…. We enjoyed, appreciated and had a great time shooting these wonderful ladies all the same.

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