The 7th Annual Orlando Festivals of Speed Jet Port

Now in it’s 7th year, the Orlando Festivals of Speed has really grown into a terrific weekend long celebration of automotive excellence and transportation oppulence, a festive weekend no better kicked off than with the much lauded jet-port reception at the Galaxy Aviation hangar adjacent to busy Orlando International Airport.

A creatively lit Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder provided by Lamborghini of Orlando sets the mood for the Festivals of Speed Jetport Reception held at Galaxy Aviation’s Orlando International hangar.

A celebration of exotic cars, personal jets and classic and collectible airplanes, the annual jet-port reception caters to a veritable who’s who of Orlando business and philanthropy…an event where it is perhaps just as amusing to be seen as it is to bask in the glow of a McLaren MP4-12C. Offering a wide array of exotics and semi-exotics intermixed with Gulfstreams and their like, the evening turns the Galaxy Aviation hangar into a night club of sorts where the sounds of the live jazz band are ever so often accompanied by the tuned exhaust notes of exotic street legal race cars. A balanced gala that some how manages to be all things to all attendees the event offers a good time in a unique environment surrounded by only the best transportation options money can buy.

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