Project 370Z Versus An RB26 Powered Datsun 240Z

Our Video Spotlights the Nissan Enthusiasts Designed Project 370Z In An Epic Battle With An RB26 Powered S30 Competitor

Nissan asked their fans to help them create the ultimate 370Z track car, the result of which has been aptly called “Project 370Z”. An experiment in modern tuning and enthusiast empowered social media its now time to put this community conceived Z-car to the test… So what did the enthusiasts want to see combat “Project 370Z?” An S30 240Z powered by Godzilla’s RB26 but of course.


To be exact the fans chose a 1970 Datsun 240Z with an RB26 engine transplant built by fellow enthusiast Gordon MacSwain. So without further adieu in this episode of The Downshift, we head to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the new school versus old school battle between these two amazing Z-cars.

Som what’s faster, a home-brew Datsun 240Z or a professionally built Nissan 370Z? Last year, Nissan Performance (ie, NISMO USA) reached out to the tuner community and asked them to modify a Z34 by voting for their favorite mods on Facebook. The result was the kind of money-no-object dream build most of us can only wish for, made from the best parts the aftermarket had to offer, from a GReddy turbo kit to Volk TE37-SL wheels to Yokohama Advan Neovas.

Gordon MacSwain, on the other hand, is someone we can all relate to. He built his S30 Z with his own hands in his Columbus, Ohio garage over a period of three and a half years. Along the way, Gordon updated all its mechanicals, including the engine, which is now an RB26DETT. Fans then chose to pit his baby against the crowdsourced Z. So, how does a sub-2300lb, 360hp nostalgic fare against a more powerful but heavier modern machine? Watch the video below.

Datsun RB powered 240Z versus Nissan NISMO 370Z Project 370Z