Want Great Pizza In Atlanta? Visit A Fellini’s Pizza

Each City Has A Pizza Place Above All Others, In Atlanta That Place Is Fellini’s

Years ago now when I was first introduced to Fellini’s pizza by a friend who then worked for CNN I was immediately impressed with the freshness, quality and ambiance of this off-the-chain Atlanta eatery. Nearly a decade has since passed since I had that first slice and my appreciation has not wavered. Great pizza, great vibe and dare I say it, a great slice of Atlanta food culture.

Fellini's Pizza Atlanta Roswell Georgia review
Fellini’s is simple, delectable quick, filling and overwhelmingly affordable…all important elements that have made it an Atlanta institution.

Fellini's Pizza Atlanta Roswell Georgia reviewWhen Atlanta’s Andy Cohen first brought a tired, hot and sweaty group of wayward Down Shift journalists fresh off a long afternoon covering SEMA at the Atlanta Motor Speedway to the Fellini’s location in Decatur, Georiga we were immediately skeptical… The place had a hipster/bohemian vibe to it that at the time in no way resembled our expectations for good pizza or good food for that matter…amazing what a difference a decade can make in terms of social mores and aesthetic appreciation. The food was excellent and the service exemplary, surprisingly the unique outdoor/indoor seating situation even quickly won us over even in spite of our tired and heat-soaked demeanor. Everything here just worked, service was polite, quick and efficient and the food and drink reflected an undaunted appreciation of style and substance.

Fast forward nearly ten years and Fellini’s has become something of a tradition when visiting Atlanta for races and events. Our appreciation of the food and ambiance as unwavering as the quality of the preparation, presentation and hospitality. Fellini’s is one of those places so simple in approach yet so excellent in execution. Good pizza, made with great ingredients served with a smile and at an affordable price-point. What more can you really ask for this side of Chicago?

Fellini's-Special-pizza-300pxOf particular note the salads and house-made dressings are most excellent. The wide array of pizza ingredients which can be combined in innumerable conflagrations are equally fresh and delicious though our clear favorite here when it comes to the Pizza is”Fellini’s Special”; a most excellently prepared pizza containing Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Italian Sausage, Onions, Meatballs, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives and Extra Cheese. What else goes with pizza you say? Beer…yes, beer. Microbrews and imports are on tap here, so go ahead and compliment that pizza with a cold Stella or Blue Moon. “Simple, delectable  quick, filling and overwhelmingly affordable…an Atlanta institution.”

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