Model Monday with Mia McLaughlin

This Week’s Model Monday Showcases The Talent, Beauty and Skill Of Cosplay’s Great Ani-Mia McLaughlin

This week we take a little bit of a different approach with Model Monday and showcase the beauty and talent of one of American Cosplay’s most popular rising stars Mia “Ani-Mia” McLoughlin. Possessing a certain fun and whimsical charm we first took notice of Mia at this year’s annual Comic-Con in San Diego, CA where the Washington, DC based model wowed attendees with her DC Comics inspired Zatanna cosplay.

Mia does a lot of themed photo-shoots as well as cosplay shoots, something that has gained her great recognition and notoriety around the web. An active model and social media personality, Ani-Mia currently has an online fan base of over 85,000 fans on various social media outlets including over 75,000 followers on Facebook…

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