Model Monday with Imogen Thomas

This Model Monday We Showcase A New Post Pregnancy with Popular UK Glamour Model Imogen Thomas

Admittedly, its hard not to like the wildly popular Welsh glamour model, who has been very public with her post pregnancy weight loss, body issues and goal to return to model professionally by the end of summer. Any woman who can go from a size 16 to a size 10 and look this good in six months unabashedly has our respect and adoration.

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Imogen Thomas Model Monday August 2013 Down Shift Magazine

First Name: Imogen
Last Name: Thomas
Nationality: British (Welsh)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’6″
Measurements: 36E-26-34
Dress Size: 10
Shoe Size:  7

Our friends across the pond are anything if predictable when it comes to what they like in their glamour models…but American readers don’t seem to complain or mind either.  Its hard to believe then that in spite of her impressive post-pregnancy appearance, Imogen admitted she still wasn’t feeling completely body confident as she took part in her first post-baby lingerie shoot. 

Writing on her Twitter page earlier on Thursday, she said: ‘My first proper l

Imogen Thomas Model Monday August 2013 Down Shift Magazine

ingerie shoot today!!! Kinda nervous dont even know if I’ve got it anymore hahaa. We will see….arggghh.

Despite her doubts, the Welsh beauty has indeed made a triumphant return to modeling and has nothing to worry about in terms of self image. In fact we would be hard pressed to argue that this is not the best the lovely Brit has ever looked, because while some of Imogen’s physical attributes may be a bit…ample all things considered she best represents a healthy body image for women, something most men will whole heartedly agree with.  Beautiful work Imogen, all of us yanks across the pond look forward to seeing your shoots too.

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Imogen Thomas Model Monday August 2013 Down Shift Magazine