NASCAR and Texas Create the Bacon and Beer Shake

Texas Motor Speedway - 300pxAll your dreams have just come true, because at the AAA Texas 500 (at the Texas Motor Speedway on Nov. 3,) fans will be able to enjoy the new Shake ‘N Bacon Brew, a bacon and beer milkshake. There’s almost no way that’s good, but there’s also almost no way I wouldn’t want to try it — just to confirm my suspicion that it’s impossible a bacon and beer milkshake could be as remarkable as it sounds.

People sometimes say bacon is overrated because of the popularity of increasingly ridiculous foods that incorporate bacon. They should leave bacon out of this. Bacon on its own is adequately rated as the best thing.


It’s gimmicks like bacon cereal and bacon chocolate that tarnish bacon’s hard-earned reputation. Bacon should be combined with other foods only if it improves upon the bacon, although the funny thing about that is that almost nothing can really improve upon bacon… Food for thought and finally something redeeming for us involving NASCAR.

But wait…there’s more! The Shake ‘n Bacon Brew will of course be available for $10 in a souvenir cup.

The heart-clogging delicacy is not the first bacon-infused concession the speedway offers. It joins such menu items as: “Hawg Heaven” bacon cotton candy; the Bacon Martini; “Smokin’ Hubcaps (brisket on a glazed donut); and the mac ‘n cheese hot dog.

Texas Raceway Beer and Bacon Milkshake