Canadian Sports Car Builder Felino Steps Up with CB7

A new sports car is coming from Canada, the Felino cB7. Announced in a January press release from Felino Cars, it’s set to be an entry-level track car…

Felino cB7 Canadian Sportscar

Felino cB7 Canadian SportscarFelino has had their hand in motorsports for quite some time, but in 2010 they decided to build their own track inspired racing platform from the ground up. The man behind the company is Antoine Bessette, a successful race driver with an established race pedigree and established international motorsports status. It was Antoine’s dream to create a car that was built by a motorsports fan, for like-minded motorsports fans at an entry-level price point under $100,000.00 US. The end result of all this hard work and vision being the impressive cB7.

A rear-wheel drive, mid-front engine sports car that is purpose built for the track but centered by street-legal sensibility, the FELINO cB7 boasts a potent 6.2-liter V8 that produces 525 hp with a standard 6-speed manual or optional sequential gearbox. Weighing in at a svelte 2,500 lbs the car’s body makes excellent use of composite materials such as carbon fiber paneling to maintain light-weight with superb structural rigidity.

Though actual performance numbers have not yet been released, FELINO feels confident that the cB7 will be extremely competitive in its class and looks forward to having hard numbers available for consumers and the media by early summer.


FELINO cB7  Specifications