Because Canadians Have Easy Access To JDM Fun

Photo of the day for Monday, February 10th, 2013

Our neighbors to the north love their JDM drift-cars just as much as we do here in America…the only difference being they have easy access to said (cheaply) imported JDM cars. Today we take a moment to appreciate an awesome photograph taken near Edmonton by the insanely talented Tom P., shooting one of the many Driftwest events.

It’s hard to fathom when looking at this incredibly warm photo that it’s currently in the negative temperatures in Edmonton, but today we take a look back to the fun that was last summer as a JDM right-hand drive FD RX-7 took on a a JDM right-hand drive S13 Silvia convertible. Readily available in Canada these cars are only now starting to become eligible for legal import into the United States…life’s cruel joke we know.

Edmonton Driftwest - S13 Silvia & FD RX-7
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