Model Monday with Ciara Price


Ciara Price - Down Shift Magazine's Model MondayModel Monday, February 10th, 2014 – Whether you are a fan of the publishing empire mogul Hugh Heffner has built over the last half century or not, there is no denying the brand has readily “found” some of the world’s most beautiful women. Such is the case with this week’s Model Monday featured model, the lovely Ciara Price. Having first taken notice of Ciara on Facebook several years ago with Playboy we have been fans ever sense. Possessing a sly and intelligent smile beguiled by an amazing figure, Ciara is more than just a glamour or promotional model. Rather Ciara through photography and video embodies the smart but fun-loving sensibility and look requisite of the quintessential and so often ill-defined all-american beauty. Blonde, hombre or brunette, we’re fans…a more stunning American model you will not find.

Ciara Price - Down Shift Magazine's Model Monday



Ciara Price - Down Shift Magazine's Model Monday