Throwback Thursday with Ayden & Project Mk3

Ayden-mk3-throwback-thursday-300pxHard to believe this shoot was 10 years ago…10 years. Time flies, but we still love Ayden and project Mk3 turned out amazing at a time when most enthusiasts were completely uninterested in any generation Supra other than the Mk4. It was good times a decade ago shooting in the heart of downtown Tampa with photographers Michael Coates and Ricardo Quintanilla, both founding members who are still part of the Down Shift team today. In looking back from 2014 one of the hardest things is to believe it used to be dead enough after 6pm or on the weekends to shoot almost anywhere in downtown Tampa without a permit. Amazing what a little economic rebound and urban development can accomplish. Today Ayden is just as beautiful as ever and a well accomplished physicians assistant working in the Space Coast area of Florida. 2004 was a good year, wouldn’t you agree?

Throwback Thursday - Ayden & Project Mk3 - 2004 - Down Shift Magazine