Regular Car Reviews Tackles the Bugeye WRX

Subaru-Logo-300pxOne of the video series we’ve all grown to love around the Down Shift office is Regular Car Reviews, in fact it’s a total love/hate relationship for us because with snarky envy we secretly wish we had come up with the concept first! Because really what enthusiast can’t admit the abject hilariousness that is just sort of inherent in our automotive passions? We all know we’re nuts, that’s why we all get along. Never the less Regular Car Reviews are always hilarious and mostly true; these guys nail it almost every time. This week the focus is placed on the often lauded and sometimes criticized bugeye WRX a car perhaps only slightly less abused on average than an S13 240SX…

“This is a car for guys who wear knock-off Wayfarers from Dollar Tree and toss an XFL football around their frathouse front lawn.”

“Subarus Impreza WRX…a $10 cover charge on wheels.”

“A Subaru Impreza WRX is for the guy who honestly beleives no means yes.”

“A zig-zag tetris block when all you need is the line.”