2016 Shelby Mustang GT350R Revs For Detroit

shelby_gt350_300pxOne of the stars of the 2015 NAIAS was without a doubt, the new Shelby Mustang GT350R, looking menacing and promising hardcore performance to those in need of a track-ready muscle car. When you’re buying such a car, one thing that makes a big difference is the soundtrack. You want that threatening exhaust note that terrorizes Priuses at night.

We’ve heard the all-new Ford GT sound fast, and now thanks to subaruwrxfan, it’s time to hear the Shelby Mustang’s low pitched growling, which is a thing of beauty. It sounds a little like an AMG Merc but even meaner. Maybe similar to a Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale. It’s downright fierce!  And why shouldn’t it be? It’s Ford’s most powerful naturally aspirated production engine ever. A 5.2 liter V8 with over 500 hp and over 400 lb-ft of torque making that noise is worth admiring, especially since we don’t even get to hear it revved very hard.

Hopefully we’ll soon get to not only hear it in all it’s glory but see it on the move, and especially find out exactly how much power and torque it carries – because the Camaro Z/28 called and it’s running out of patience. Until then, this small teaser will have to quench our thirst for V8 symphonies.