25 Years Out the Original NSX Is Still Dropdead Sexy

The first-generation prototype debuted in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show under the developmental code name NS-X, which represented "new", "sportscar" and "unknown world".

nsx_logoJust think about the world of 1990…now take a look at the beautiful machine above and below and realize it was first produced as a 1990 year model car; needless to say the old girl still has it some 25 years later. This particular example of the 90’s era NSX comes a supremely well maintained and tastefully modified ’98 that is well known in and around Charleston, South Carolina. Supercharged and track tuned this particular NSX is a regular visitor to Savannah, Georgia’s formidable Roebling Road Raceway. Recently tuned this car put down a respectable 318 hp to the rear wheels with 225 ft-lbs of torque, not too bad for a model Comptech setup and 36% better than “listed” stock numbers from 17 years ago.

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