Has America Rediscovered Mid-Engined Sports Cars?

03New 2017 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Zora C8 Hybrid V8 Mid-Engined 181 mph 0-60 mph 3,9 s

Car & Driver has a mountain of spy shots of what it says is a functional test model of a mid-engined Corvette. This is a car that legendary former GM-executive Bob Lutz says has been in the works, in one form or another, for a decade. In his column for Road & Track, Lutz says a mid-engined Corvette was cancelled for budgetary reasons around the beginning of the recession.

He thinks GM should (and maybe will) release a mid-engined version of the Corvette, not as a replacement for the standard front-engined version, but as a separate model entirely. “You’d price that at about $120,000, half that of the European stuff,” says Lutz. “And then suck the doors off everybody.”

A Ford GT and a Corvette that can take on the very best that Italy and Germany have to offer? America, you had us at mid-engined.