2016 Nissan Maxima Previewed In Super Bowl Ad

Nissan has long tagged their Maxima the "4 Door Sports Car," but it hasn't really been that in a long time. But with this new 2016 Maxima, the car Nissan surprise-revealed in their Super Bowl ad, it kind of looks the part. Our fingers are crossed.

2016_maxima_300pxWe’ve had a few days to digest all that was Super Bowl XLIX and aside from the highjinks of a game that really felt like two separate games played back to back with an impressive half-time show from perennial Down Shift fan-favorite Katy Perry we were also quite impressed (when not being depressed by Nationwide Insurance) by a number of this year’s Big Game automotive commercials.

Satisfaction in advertisement noted, Nissan’s heart-string-pulling “With Dad” commercial might have caught your attention. It certainly did ours. Near the end of the commercial, a shiny, new sedan comes into focus: the 2016 Nissan Maxima.

We got our first look at the next-generation Maxima in concept form at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, and we’ve spotted it out testing wearing heavy camouflage. The 2016 Maxima is expected to debut early this year – likely at the New York Auto Show – and this Nissan ad is our first real look at the new sedan in its final form.

2016_maxima_internal_300pxDo we like what we see? That’s hard to say. There’s no shortage of Nissan’s latest design language here on its range-topping sedan, but we can’t quite tell if it results in an overall handsome package. Of course, we’ll wait to fully dissect the new design when we can see the car for more than a split second.

Speaking of TV, according to Automotive News, this ad represents Nissan’s return to Super Bowl advertising after an 18-year hiatus. Seems fitting, then, that the company brings a very powerful ad to the small screen.

Have a look at Nissan’s With Dad spot above, where you can also get a glimpse at the company’s highly anticipated, front-engined racecar (0:49 mark), and a second, rear view of the Maxima (1:27 mark).