If Greed Is Good, Why Not Have All the Hypercars?

What’s better: the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder, or the Ferrari LaFerrari? Owning all three.

2014_mclaren_p1_300pxWhat’s better: the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder, or the Ferrari LaFerrari? That’s been the focal auto debate since the three cars were first introduced back in 2013, and it’l likely be a discussion for the rest of time. There’s no right answer. And because choosing one of the three is such a laboring task, British multi-millionaire Paul Bailey decided to throw caution to the wind and simply said, “put it on my tab” by buying all three of them.

Though each are high-performance hybrids, each one has a unique setup. The P1 — of which only 375 were built — has a combo of a mid-mounted, twin-turbo hybrid V8, and a total of 903 horsepower. The LaFerrari — of which 499 were built — pushes out a total of 949 horsepower thanks to its V12 HY-KERS system. And, of course, the 918 Spyder — of which 918 were appropriately built — pairs a flat-plane hybrid V8 to 889 horsepower.

The prices also vary. The P1 starts at $1.15 million, the LaFerrari starts at an estimated $1.35 million, and the 918 starts at $845,000. As you can see, it really depends on hypercar preference. Or in the case of 55-year-old Bailey, lack thereof.

According to Daily Mail, he’s the first person to own what they’re dubbing the Holy Trinity (where’s the Koenigsegg One:1, though?). Bailey, who is said to have a collection of about 30 supercars, reportedly made his money from the sale of a telecommunications company for $42,548,800. Maybe the most impressive part is that he made this decision while having four kids. You know, these cars are extremely practical, so that should work out well.

If this dude is the real deal, he should pop up with a P1 GTR and a LaFerrari Fxx K the next time he’s in the news.