BMW Gets Serious With Water-Injected M4 GTS

The unique water-injection system cools down the intake temperature, allowing for an even higher boost pressure.

bmw m4 water injection engine 300pxHaving previewed water injection in the M4 GTS Concept at Pebble Beach earlier this year, BMW has whipped the covers off a production version. Just 700 examples of the new, lightweight M4 GTS will be built to commemorate 30 years since the original M3 was launched.

Central to the upgrades BMW has fitted to its M4 GTS is a water injection system, which bumps power up to 500 hp and torque up to 443 lb-ft. That’s an extra 80 hp and 37 lb-ft compared to the standard car, though still 10 hp and 37 lb-ft less than the Mercedes C63S AMG.

BMW has been using water injection to boost the performance of its M4 MotoGP Pace Car, and also previewed the technology in a 1 Series a few months ago, but the M4 GTS is the first production BMW to feature the technology.

By cooling the combustion temperature, the water injection system improves fuel economy as well as performance. While it produces plenty of extra power and will hit 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds and best of all the GTS yields the same 34 mpg as the standard M4.

Power is channeled through a remapped version of the seven-speed M-DCT gearbox, which has had the Launch Control and Shift Modes reworked to handle the engine’s extra power.

The GTS has also been on a strict diet. The hood, front splitter and trunk-lid have all been made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, as has the adjustable rear wing. That wing works in tandem with the new carbon fiber rear diffuser and the pouting front splitter to reduce lift at the rear axle for greater high-speed stability.

The stripped-back attitude is also evident inside, where BMW has replaced the standard car’s front seats with two lightweight carbon bucket seats and ripped the rear ones out, replacing them with a roll-cage. The door handles have been replaced with fabric loops, and the brace hiding behind the instrument panel is made of carbon fiber.


BMW-Concept-M4-GTS-front-300pxAll up, the carbon bits on the car keep weight down to 3329 lbs, 115 lbs less than the standard car. But, just in case the carbon add-ons and extra performance wasn’t enough for you, BMW has made the M4 GTS its first production car to be fitted with OLED lights. Unlike regular LED units, OLEDS are incredibly slim and light up across their whole surface – which opens the door for designers to play with interesting shapes and forms.

Speaking of interesting shapes and forms, the M4 GTS sits on beautiful, intricately detailed wheels finished in acid orange to make it stand out in a crowd. Those wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires measuring 265/35 R19 up front and 285/30 R20 at the rear, which should provide even more grip than the already-sticky standard car. BMW’s engineers have also fitted the car with three-mode coilovers and lightweight carbon ceramic brakes.


There’s no word from BMW on the pricing of the GTS yet, but expect to pay a healthy markup over the M4 Coupe, which starts at US$64,200.

Source: BMW