Honda’s FCV Fuel-Cell Vehicle Production Ready

Honda’s new hydrogen-fuel-cell sedan has now been shown in production form, ahead of its in-the-flesh debut at the Tokyo auto show.

Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle 2015 Revealed


Honda is an industry leader in the development of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. In 2002, it was the first automaker to begin a retail initiative with the leasing of fuel cell vehicles to fleet customers with its original FCX hatch, and by 2005 it was already leasing the cars to individuals. A couple of years later the FCX Clarity sedan was launched and to this day there are roughly two dozen of them still on American roads.

Over the past couple of years Honda has been trotting out concept versions of a new fuel cell vehicle due on the market in 2016, and today we have our first look at the production version. Tentatively called the FCV, the new fuel cell vehicle will make its world debut next month at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and should be in Japanese showrooms by March. A showroom appearance in Europe and the United States is expected shortly after.

The FCV is in the shape of a sedan, making it a direct successor to the FCX Clarity. Honda says it is the first fuel cell vehicle to house the entire fuel-cell power-train (fuel cell stack and electric motor) under the hood, thus allowing the cabin to be as roomy as in a conventional sedan. Five adults should be able to fit comfortably, Honda says.

With its hydrogen storage tanks filled, the FCV is claimed to be capable of traveling over 400 miles. As a novelty, the FCV is designed to be connected to an external power feeding inverter, allowing it to serve as a mobile source of electricity for emergency situations.

The Tokyo Motor Show gets underway October 29.

Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle 2015 Revealed